How many smiles does it take to change a light bulb?

None—but it sure feels good doing it with a smile! And feeling good is what Smiles All Around! Is about. Our belief is that for every smile you put out into the world, ten+ more will come back to you.

Smiles All Around! started with a smile. Wherever Marigold and Oliver went, they greeted everyone with smiles. People could not keep from smiling back—even total strangers and people who might not have been in a particularly happy mood. Smiles became their trademark.

It began when Marigold and Oliver had their first professional photo shoot. The photographer could not get over how poised they were in front of the camera and insisted that they had modeled before. For weeks after the photo session, Marigold and Oliver could be found posing. Finally, we got the message. Let’s send Marigold and Oliver’s joy out into the world. And, what better way than with greeting cards and calendars?

That is how Smiles All Around! started—as a way to shine even more love and light into the world.

Marigold and Oliver have brought their best friends into the Smiles All Around! universe. You’ll meet Tiki and Tiger, Heimsdale the Wonder Dog, Miles and Lacey—who are carrying on the tradition with their own greeting card collection—and many more wonderful spirits who will join them in their journey.