About Interactions

Use ideas from the Smiles Team to engage children in creative adventures – where success is measured by the number of smiles!

Each issue—which is free to download—offers ideas that teachers and family members can use to tap into children’s innate creativity while engaging them in reading, writing, and dramatic activities. Many of the Interactions use Smiles All Around! products in examples. But, you can substitute other materials and still have fun!

As you consider the suggested age ranges given for each activity, keep in mind that all children have unique strengths and abilities that may not be related to “age.” In some cases, accommodations have been suggested to expand participation opportunities for children with differing abilities. The more smiles the better!

Check back often for new editions.

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Note: Interactions: Creating Smiles with Children is copyrighted by Smiles All Around! (an imprint of Exceptional Innovations). Teachers and Families have permission to share personal copies with friends, colleagues, and other family members only when full credit is given to Smiles All Around!

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