A Special Interview for Holistic Pet Day

Wednesday, August 30, 2017, Beaming Love Network (BLN).

Hosts: Tiki and Tiger

Special Guest: Tara, a Flat Coated Retriever, who loves needles – certain kinds that is.

[Live in 3,2,1]

Tiki: Welcome to the Tiki and Tiger Show! It’s that show that brings you interesting guests, exciting places to visit, and new things you might not know about. I’m Tiki, your host. And, this is my co-host, Tiger. Hey, Tiger!

Tiger: Hi Tiki! It’s good to be here. Did you know that on August 30 we celebrate Holistic Pet Day?

Tiki: Tiger, tell us about it.

Tiger: Each year, Holistic Pet Day celebrates the importance of whole pet health.

Tiki: What is holistic health?

Tiger: Holistic health is focused on promoting wellness. The approach incorporates the whole animal – body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

Tiki: How do you celebrate Holistic Pet Day?

Tiger: Well, some people use the day as an opportunity to learn more about ways to include more natural, healthy approaches on a daily basis. For example, they might learn more about how good nutrition, exercise, and play time can enhance the quality of life. They also might learn about holistic options for disease prevention and disease management. And, some people use it as a good excuse to get stuck with needles.

Tiki: Really Tiger? People celebrate Holistic Pet Day by becoming pin cushions?

Tiger: Just joking. Sort of. I was not referring to needles that draw blood or give you shots. I was thinking of acupuncture needles. Acupuncture is a holistic treatment approach that has been around for centuries. Today, it is being used successfully more and more with animals.

Tara’s Experience with Acupuncture

Tiki: I understand that you have asked our good friend Tara to join us today to talk about her experience with acupuncture. Welcome Tara!

Tara: Thank you! I am so happy to be here.

Tiki: Tara , as some of you might remember from a previous show is a rising dock diving star.

[Roll link to Tara episode across the screen: https://www.smilesallaround.com/2017/04/23/tts-tara/]

Tiki: Tara, tell us, why acupuncture?

Tara: As you know, I was born with 3 paws, which, by the way, doesn’t slow me down at all! In fact, I am so active, that I sometimes put pressure on my back. It gets strained. I don’t want there to be any problems over time. Acupuncture is a preventive approach. It helps keep my body energy flowing while I grow into my body.

Tiki: Can you tell us in a few words how acupuncture works?

Tara: I’ll try. Acupuncture is about making sure that energy is balanced and flowing through your body. Needles are inserted at specific points in the body along lines called meridians that are related to organs and other parts of the body. The needles can tune up those parts if they are sluggish, or tune down if they are too fast.

Tiger: Needles freak me out! And, they use so many! Were you afraid of being hurt?

Tara: Not really. Mom told me what to expect. I went into a room with one of my favorite veterinarians. Everyone was calm and quiet. I began to breathe deeply as the doctor inserted the needles.

Tiki: How did it feel?

How Does Acupuncture Feel?

Tara: I could feel the tension in my back go away. It felt relaxing – so much so that sometimes I go to sleep while the needles are in. After about 20-30 minutes, the doctor takes out the needles. My whole body feels alive and vibrating. Then I jump up,  give a big shake, and am ready to go – usually with a lot more energy than what I came in with.

Tiger: Are there any times when the needles hurt?

Tiki: You are such a sissy Tiger!

Tara: Actually, that is a good question, Tiger. A few times a needle did hurt, but only for a second. I found out that this happens when the spot was very sore. The doctor and my mom always are very observant when this happens, and I am encouraged to let them know if I feel discomfort. If it continues to hurt, they take out the needle. If that happens, it usually is because the particular body part associated with the spot really is so unbalanced that it cannot deal with the treatment at the time.

Tara receives her acupuncture treatment.

Tiki: Tara, do you recommend acupuncture?

Tara: Absolutely! I’d definitely say give it a try. When you are young it is good to strengthen your body and keep it strong. If you have a strain or injury, acupuncture may help you heal more quickly.

Acupuncture Resources

Tiki: Do you have any other words of advice for someone who is considering trying acupuncture?

Tara: Definitely go to a veterinarian who you like and who likes you! You need to feel comfortable, especially your first time. And, make sure that the veterinarian is highly trained in performing acupuncture.

[Roll slide on screen: Possible resources include

Tiki: Tara, as you were talking, we put up a couple of websites that might help people locate an acupuncturist in a particular geographic area. Like you, both Tiger and I have received excellent acupuncture treatment from Dr. Kocen at the Veterinary Holistic Center in Springfield, VA (http://vhcnova.com/). Can you recommend any others in the Northern Virginia area who you have seen?

Tara: Dr. Harman at Harmany Equine Clinic in Flint Hill (http://harmanyequine.com/) and Dr. Lundquist at Hungry Like the Woof in Warrenton (http://www.hungrylikethewoof.com/). I love them both!

Tiki: Tara, thank you for sharing your experience! It is so important to expand our worldview so that we can be even more healthy and happy in this world.

Tiger: I agree! Just by sharing your experience you are changing the world for the better.

Tiki: Thank you Tara for all you do by living by example and sharing your gifts to help this world heal and become a better place.

Tara: Thank you! I hope my story leads to others getting the support they need.

Tiki: And don’t forget, you can send us your inspirational stories to Smiles@SmilesAllAround.com. Who knows, we might select you for an upcoming interview on The Tiki and Tiger Show!

Tiger: What a great way to celebrate Holistic Pet Day! Giving us yet another way to make the world better!

Tiki: And, so that’s it for our show today. Be well, be centered, and be in peace. See you next time!

[And, we’re off air.]