It’s very exciting to have my blog recognized as one of the best in the 2019 APEX Award for Publication Excellence competition!

2019 APEX Grand Award for Publication Excellence: Lacey’s Blog Tops the Social Media Category

Lacey—of Let’s Play! with Lacey blog fame—wins the 2019 APEX Grand Award for Publication Excellence. The award is for her blog, Dear Diary, What Should I Be for Halloween?

The APEX Grand Award honors the most outstanding work in each of the 12 main award categories. Smiles placed in the Social Media category. This category includes the subcategories of

  • Social media sites
  • Facebook sites
  • Blog content
  • Single blog post
  • Best series of blog posts
  • Special purpose

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More About Lacey’s APEX Grand Award for Publication Excellence Blog

Lacey’s blog chronicles her mission to find the perfect costume for her first Halloween party. As she asks her friends what they think she should be, she captures their ideas and her reactions in her diary.

“It’s a lot of fun to keep a diary,” Lacey tells us. “When I write,  I wonder about all of the possibilities. And, I think about what was important to me.” In her last Halloween entry, Lacey chooses on the perfect costume. She goes off to her party wearing it and the biggest smile ever!

Miles Wants to Know: What’s the Big Deal?

Lacey just won the 2019 APEX Grand Award for Publication Excellence. Miles wants to know, “What’s the big deal?”

Miles—of Frequent Flyer Miles blog fame—wants to know, what’s the big deal???? Well, Miles, first, the APEX Publication Excellence Awards are based on outstanding achievement. Judges consider graphic design, editorial content, and success in achieving overall effectiveness and excellence. According to APEX, winning entries represent classic examples of good ideas and imaginative execution.

And, second, the win means that Lacey is a very special blogger!

“Don’t forget that I played a major role in helping Lacey decide what she should be,” Miles points out. “Maybe I can share some of Lacey’s treats for winning the award!”

Well Miles, you are in luck. In honor of Lacey’s award, Smiles is celebrating with “Treats All Around!” And, you are included in the treat fest. You will get your share of treats for helping her!

Treat yourself to Lacey’s award-winning blog at Or, treat a child to Lacey’s complete story in the children’s book, What Will Lacey Be for Halloween? Available at