Lisa Suchy

Meet Smiles Team Member Lisa Suchy

It’s probably no surprise that members of the Smiles All Around!  team are animal lovers. And, you might expect them to be partial to dogs. But, surprise! Lisa Suchy, Smiles’ marketing and social media guru, reveals her favorite animal (hint: It’s not a dog) and more!

Smiles: Lisa, you have been working with the Smiles team for more than a year now, primarily as our social marketing “go-to” expert and designer.  During that time, the Smiles Facebook page has won 4 major awards! What attracts you to Smiles?

Lisa: I’d have to say the “stars.” Just like people, each animal has his or her own personality that they love to show you. It’s fun to promote their individual personalities. They have so much they want to share. For example, Miles wants to be the center of attention. He has a story – or should I say stories – to tell. Lacey, on the other hand, wants to tell her story too, but as part of the group, not at the center. Then, there is their friend PeeWee, who is such a princess that she wants all of the stories to come to her, when she wants them, and to be about her! I always remember that it’s about portraying their feelings accurately. And making sure that their vibrant personalities shine.

Smiles: So, it sounds like getting to know the animals is an important part of the Smiles social media plan.

Lisa: Of course! It’s the same with people. You want to know with whom you are interacting. You want to see who they really are. With animals, it is a little easier because they let you know immediately! I need to know them before I share them with the world.

Smiles: Lisa, you have said you are not a dog person, but only because you don’t have one. You love animals. In fact, you have some animals.

Lisa: I have chickens – who, by the way, also have vibrant personalities! There’s one, The Spunkster. She’s a miniature Olde English Game Hen who can fit in your shirt pocket. We call her Spunky Brewster because she thinks she’s a rooster. She is totally outgoing, has no fear of strangers., and delights in every moment of the day. When my husband comes home, she will run up to him to say, “Hi!” and then proceed to tell him about her day. And, if she is lucky, she gets him to come and play with her.

Smiles: Is there a down side to having chickens in your family?

Lisa: Just that they can’t kiss! But they do show their love in other ways—like laying their head on your arm, looking at you eye-to-eye, dancing when you come home.

Smiles: At Smiles it is important that people relate to the animals’ feelings—through greeting cards, books, blogs, posts, and calendars.

Lisa: I believe that having an animal in the family helps you grow. You experience how to nurture and care for a living being. You evolve through the shared experience. A big part of Smiles is teaching through their unique personalities. I’ve learned that people can’t always relate to another person, but they can relate to animals. I love working with such beautiful feelings.

The Spunkster

Good friend of Lisa Suchy

Miniature Olde English game hen Spunky